Athena Ives

Certified Human Trafficking Investigator, Published Author, Sex Crimes Researcher/Educator & Marine Combat Veteran 

Forged in Trauma

"She walked through hell, continued being an angel. 

When the weak showed cruelty, she continued being gentle.

She Never played the Victim Card, she stood and dealt.

She is fierce, strong, and full of fire.

She is a Hero, she can't hold herself back, for her passion burned brighter than her fear.

She is her own sunshine on a gloomy day and her own knight in shining armor." Rakshita Raut

The Unheard Victims of 2020

2020 has been a rough year for many of us, it has been even harder on the children. They are living in an unimaginable hell right now and the least we can do is share their silenced voices.

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