Athena Ives

Athena Ives holds a Masters in Forensics and is a Doctoral Candidate in Forensic Psychology. As a child, Athena used reading to cope with ongoing trauma, which inspired her to study psychology and forensics. She plans to use her degree to research how to treat and understand the psychological triggers and effects of PTSD, suicide and rape. 

When she isn't traveling the world, Athena resides in San Diego where she is active in multiple Veteran Assistance Projects.  

Sgt. Ives was part of the Lioness Group, brave women that volunteered to serve beside infantry units due to strict customs that did not allow male service members to interact with local women.. She spent most of her deployment in Fallujah, Iraq in 2008 working at Entry Check Points throughout the city, conducting raids, security at pop up medical clinics, and served as a body guard for numerous Sheik's wives. 

Facing her fears is something Athena believes has been significantly beneficial in dealing with trauma and winning. After struggling with self esteem and body weight issues, Athena faced her fears and began modeling. Traveling has also helped a great deal with coping and finding beauty in this amazing world after so much ugliness.