Thank You for Raping Me

A liberating, raw and true memoir of a life of service. 

From being raised in a cult-like atmosphere at home, to patrolling the streets of Falujah, Iraq with an all-male infantry unit in the United States Marine Corps, Sgt Ives shares the most soul crushing events of her life and experiences.

Crystallizing a fragment of her continuous journey to overcome the events of her past, Thank You for Raping Me is a story about taking back the power, love and strength. Even in the face of terrible pain, agonizing disappointment, and soul crushing loss.

Told through the unique voice of a female Veteran against the backdrop of one of the longest running combat engagements in US history, Sgt Ives' stories illuminate how to take the worst moments in your life and use them to light a fire in your soul.

A fire that will burn so intense, so bright... that no obstacle is insurmountable.  Available on Amazon.