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My Story, Sex Trafficking, & Female Warriors


My Story

My Promise to Anne: Imagine pouring hot oil or acid on yourself to avoid a forced child marriage!! I made a promise to Anne that I would share the story of her friend Sarah and the voices of so many that have been silenced. I met these two girls while serving in Iraq in 2008. Read More

Lack of Confidentiality & the VA:

The number one reason Veterans are not seeking mental healthcare through the VA is lack of Confidentiality. Read More

Magical Istanbul: 

Traveling changed my life and made me a better person, more informed researcher, and lit a fire in my soul to be a dedicated advocate for sex trafficking victims and child abuse survivors. Read More

Our Choices Have Severe Consequences: 

Both sides are making choices about COVID that have severe consequences. Most are not considering the impact this has on our children! Read More

Why Didn't I Report Rape: 

This is one of the number one questions everyone has been asking me. If it has never happened to you or someone you love, you will never fully be able to understand but I hope this helps explain a little.  Read More 

Sex and Intimacy After Rape

This is not a representation of how all individuals deal with sex and intimacy after the rape, it is MY experience. Some of this will be graphic, difficult to read, and can trigger some memories so please be aware of that. Read More 

Teaching in Thailand

As I walked into the Kindergarten classroom 30 pairs of eyes are staring at me curiously and wondering what this crazy lady is going to do next. I begin with a few songs and then into "teacher says".  Read More 

Growing up in a Cult

Some of the information was gathered from other survivors. Read More

Gone but Never Forgotten 

For many, this Memorial Day is a break from work, a chance to hang out with loved ones, and for others an excuse to drink and throw a party. For some of us, it is an extremely painful reminder of those that never came home.  Read More

An Overview of Pedophilia 

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition a Pedophile is “an individual who fantasizes about, is sexually aroused by, or experiences sexual urges toward prepubescent children (generally less than 13 years of age) for a period of at least six months." Read More

Sex Trafficking

Parental Burnout During COVID: Social distancing, shelter in place, 6-foot markers, school closures, unemployment, millions of acres on fire, election year… One or two of these issues would be enough to burn out any parent. Read More 

How can You Help Fight Child Sexual Exploitation: not many people have the time, experience, or ability to actively rescue children that are being sexually exploited, but you may be able to think a lot more than you realize. It starts at home! Educate yourself, your children, and be vigilant. Read More 


Legal Rape in the US: There are loopholes in immigration laws that are allowing child rape to continue at alarming rates. Read More

Hidden Foster Care: COVID-19's impact on the foster system and sex trafficking. Read More

Female Sex Traffickers:  38% of human traffickers are female ReadMore

Evil Hides in the Open: Pedophile Clergymen Read More

A Growing Epidemic: Sex trafficking in the U.S.A  Read More

Sex Trafficking Supply and Demand: CPS and Foster Care, are they really involved in Sex Trafficking? Read More

Rape Culture: Sex Trafficking and Massage Parlors in the U.S.A. Read More

From One Prison to Another: Sex Trafficking in our Prisons. Read More

Sex Trafficked Survivors: Resilience and the impact culture has. Read More

Supply and Demand: Sex trafficking in Thailand. Read More

Disappeared: From Life, the Media and now... from Data. Read More

Entering the Life: The Night her Life Changed. Read More

Legalize Prostitution: ​There are numerous legislators trying to legalize prostitution but they are covering up what they are really trying to do. Be informed! Read More

Are all Child Sex Offenders Pedophiles? 

Only half of child sexual offenders are pedophiles. Labeling all child sexual offenders as pedophiles is dangerous because it allows those that don’t fit the criteria to hide and go overlooked. Read More

Devadasi: "Female Slave of God". Temple Prostitutes in India. Read More

Nikah mut'ah "pleasure marriage".  A private and verbal temporary marriage contract that is practiced in Twelver Shia Islam in which the duration of the marriage and the mahr must be specified and agreed upon in advance. Read More

Pablo Escobar's Virgin Obsession: The UK is known for using children to traffic drugs, Ethiopia is known for domestic servitude, the USA is known for Sex Trafficking out of the Foster Care System, and Colombia, specifically Medellin, is known for selling Virgins. Read More  

Female Warriors

The Night Witches of World War II: These courageous women pilots braved open cockpit crop-dusting planes through the severe Russian Cold to conduct over 30,000 missions (800 per pilot) and dropped 23,000 tons of bombs on Nazi targets. Read More

Warrior Women Paving the Way: Sgt. Leigh Hester and SPC. Monica Lin Brown awarded the Silver Star. Read More 

Wang Cong'er, the Real Mulan? Read More

Grappling Warrior Queen: Sergeant First Class Laree Callihan. Read More

Revolutionary War Queen of Artillery: Molly Pitcher. Read More

Marathon Warrior Queen: Abbie Johnson.  Read More

Persian Warrior Queen: Artemisia Read More


2020 SHOT SHOW Interview: Athena Ives - Trafficking Discussion

Athena Ives joined me at SHOT SHOW 2020 to discuss trafficking. Athena is served in the U.S. Marines and is very outspoken on trafficking.       Watch Video

Woman - Survivor - Author: Athena Ives talks about her Life JourneyAuthor Athena Ives talks about the awful events of her past and how her decision to speak out and not hold it back, has helped MANY other people dealing with the same troubles.     Watch Video

Border Network News: Interview with Oscar Le Blue. Talking about the Mexico and California Border and its' impact on sex trafficking.     Watch Video

Hellbound with Halos Episode 54 - Athena Ives, Author of "Thank You For Raping Me"    Listen Now

Thank You for Raping Me

A Marine's Story of Resilience and Hope

What our customers are saying

What I liked? All of it, in fact, I couldn't stop reading this book until it was complete. The author takes you on her life's journey. She walks you through her war at home growing up, her war within the United States Marine Corps, her war in Iraq as a U.S. Marine and the war she faced coming home. Imagine, trying to fit your square peg self, through a round hole. This book is Gripping, in your face boldness. Tenacity. Triumph. Tragedy. Tears. Toughness. Sexual. Sensual. Desire. Disappointment. Distrust. You will experience every human emotion, while reading this no BS account of what some of our female sisters face serving amongst our men in uniform. To her Marine Chain of Command, shame on you. You are weak cowards for allowing this to happen. Parents, love and trust your children. There is only one man a woman can unconditionally trust to be there for her, 100% of the time and smash anyone who tries to harm her, and that one man is her father. Be that man every day.

SuperSix1 Amazon Review Kindle

The title definitely gets your attention. That's one thing I love! The title is unique and makes you wonder what the book is about. Once you start reading, it's impossible to stop.. Just to imagine the things that the author went through as a USMC Veteran and as a woman in general is just mind blowing. These things happen every single day and I think she is brave woman... A strong woman... She is a United States Marine, after all. So, to the author, you go girl. Don't ever let anything keep you down or hold you back. To anyone thinking of purchasing this book, don't think, JUST DO IT... You wont regret it for a second. Believe me!

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