Athena Ives

Certified Human Trafficking Investigator, Author, Public Speaker & Marine Combat Veteran 

Save the Children Operation Asia 2021

Save The Children Mission

I survived a religious cult, familial child rape, combat, and years of trauma. I coped with my pain through researching child predators to understand what happened to me. Some of my traumatic events almost pushed me to take my own life, but I chose to fight back. I chose to dedicate my life to protect children and rescue as many as I can from sex trafficking. I have a Masters in Forensic Investigations and am currently finishing up my PhD in Forensic Psychology specializing in Cultural Influence on resilience in sex trauma survivors. After spending several years in Asia conducting field research, I pursued my life’s calling and recently became a Certified Human Trafficking Investigator. I recently made the easiest and most difficult decision to return to Asia next year (2021) as part of a Volunteer Special Ops Child Sex Trafficking Rescue Team. While I’m there I will also be conducting field research on sex trafficking, documenting my journey, and continuing to educate and bring awareness about sex trafficking. Because this is a volunteer mission, I am going to be fundraising to cover my expenses.

Sex trafficking brings in over $99 billion annually.

Millions of children are sex trafficking victims and are sold on average 6 times a day.

Sex tourism is common throughout Asia and many travel to these countries specifically for sex with children.

I will update you all through my social media platforms. Please understand that due to the nature of my work, I won’t be able to share everything I’m doing in order to protect those involved.

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Save The Children Operation Asia 2021

I teamed up with TruPatriot to create these anti-child-trafficking shirts to help raise money for my Save The Children Operation Asia 2021. Please keep in mind the title of the mission and the shirt have absolutely nothing to do with the conspiracy theories. The misuse of the hashtag has resulted in a lot of issues on social media, including some pages being erased. I chose the title before all of this drama started so I cannot go back and change it.        


Save the Children Fundraising Stickers

Save the Children stickers now available for a $5 donation. Please click on the donation link and don't forget to include your mailing address when donating.